Sika Solutions for Gypsum and Dry Mortar Producers

  • Products and systems

    Products and systems

    If production of consistent, high quality yet economical construction products is your goal, Sika’s ViscoCrete® line of products is your solution. Sika offers you professional technical support, functional service and the delivery of high-quality products – tailored to achieve your specific requirements and maximize your plant’s profitability. We understand the challenges of varying raw-material qualities, rising energy prices and stricter health and environmental regulations.

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  • Sustainable Gypsum and Dry Mortars

    Sustainable Gypsum and Dry Mortars

    Sika has taken on the challenges of the gypsum industry and has developed innovative additive solutions for efficient water reduction and setting-time control. Thus Sika contributes to sustainable and cost-optimized gypsum board production. Using its expertise Sika is able to develop plant specific, tailored solutions.

    Sustainable Gypsum and Dry Mortars