Pouring grout, SikaGrout 214

SikaGrout 214 is cement based flowable, two stage expanding grout with selected aggregate.

Product SikaGrout 214


  • To grout bearings, machine foundations, columns joints in precast construction
  • To grout anchors in concrete
  • To grout cavities, gaps and voids in concrete


  • Impact- and vibration resistant
  • Very good flow characteristics
  • Easy to use (ready to mix powder)
  • Rapid strength development
  • High final strengths


Grey powder


30 kg bags


Pour grout immediately after mixing into the prepared openings. Ensure that air displaced by the grout can easily escape; otherwise entrapped air will prevent full contact grouting. Wet porous substrates to saturated surface dry condition.

When grouting base plates etc., ensure that a continuous and sufficient head of pressure is maintained to keep the grout flowing. To make optimum use of the products expansion properties, apply the grout as quickly as possible (with in max.15 minutes).

SikaGrout 214

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