Polymer Modified Repair Mortar, SikaTop 122 F

SikaTop 122 F is a polymer modified repair mortar with added polyamide fibres.

Sikatop 122F


  • Repairs to basements, slabs, water tanks and swimming pools
  • Making good damaged edges
  • Repairing honeycombing and concrete repair in general


  • Rapid strength gain
  • Good water and oil resistance
  • High final strengths
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Good adhesion
  • Non toxic - suitable for contact with drinking water


Component A: White Liquid
Component B: Grey Powder


35 kg set (A+B)


Use Sika MonoTop-610, SikaTop Armatec 110 EC or a slurry made from SikaTop 122 F (A:B = 1:3 by volume) as a bonding agent.

While the bonding agent is still wet, apply SikaTop 122 F to a maximum thickness of 20 mm and compact by trowel. For a thickness greater than 20 mm, apply in several layers.

As soon as the mortar has started to set it can be smoothed by wooden or synthetic float, styrofoam block or sponge.

For a very fine surface finish, SikaRep Fine or Sika Monotop-625 can be applied over the SikaTop 122 F.

Application Sikatop 122 F

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