High-quality thin bed adhesive mortar, SikaTop Seal 107

SikaTop Seal 107 is applied to concrete and mortar structures to prevent water infiltration.

SikaTop Seal 107


  • Sewage treatment facilities including concrete tanks, digestors, clarifiers
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Waterproofing basement and cellars
  • Terraces and balconies
  • Bridges & Sea walls
  • Retaining walls & for sealing “hairline” cracks in concrete structures not subject to movement surfaces
  • Swimming pools and waterproofing of drinking water tanks and reservoirs.


  • Good adhesion to sound substrates
  • Impermeable and protection against concrete carbonation
  • Increased frost and salt resistance
  • Non-corrosive to steel or iron & over-paintable


Grey, White, Beige and light blue


25 kg (A+B)


While the surface is still damp (no standing water) apply the first coat and leave to harden (2-6 hours). For slurry consistency, apply with a hard-plastic bristled brush or broom. For trowelable mortars, use a notched trowel. After the second coat has been applied, finish by rubbing down with a soft dry sponge.

After application of the second coat, finish SikaTop Seal 107 by rubbing down with a soft dry sponge. In case of a third coat, scratch the surface of the second coat with the edge of the trowel to provide a mechanical key.

As Balcony Waterproofing Layer

Substrate must be SSD with no standing water at time of application. Apply a thick layer of SikaTop Seal 107 over the entire balcony. While the material is still wet apply a non-alkaline, woven fiberglass mesh to reinforce the 107 layer along statichairline cracks, wall to slab transitions and patched areas.

Using trowels remove anywrinkles in the mesh by forcing down into the SikaTop Seal 107. Ensure the mesh is completely embedded and covered with SikaTop Seal 107. If any areas are not covered apply additional SikaTop Seal 107 over top of mesh to cover. Trowel to as mooth uniform finish. Allow curing so that surface can take light foot traffic without harming the coating.

In case of needed plaster layer over SikaTop Seal 107, broadcasting is recommended to apply a bonding agent.

Sikatop Seal 107 Application

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