The 100,000 m² site for the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas head office is located on the Niger delta near to Port Harcourt and production sites. 22 buildings are under construction which will cover a 37,214 m² surface area.

The project will also include renovating of some buildings and mammoth infrastructural works with the end goal of accommodating 400 employees.

Office building in Nigeria

Project Requirements

The main attraction of the contractor to using Sika products during the lifeline of the project is because of the premium broad range of technologies and solutions Sika offered. A close relationship at different levels has been also a key success factor.

Sika Solutions

For the concrete a superplasticizer high range water reducing admixture, Sikament® NNR has been selected and the curing compound Antisol® -E was also used.

The waterproofing of the water treatment plant has been done with SikaTop®-107

SikaHyflex®-250 Facade has been introduced for the first time in the Nigerian market on this project for joints sealing. Expansion joints on buildings were filled with Sikaflex®-11 FC and Sikaflex® PRO-3, Sika Boom® FR (Fire Resistant) has been used for insulating areas that required fire protection.


Project Participants

Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas



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