The use of a building or civil engineering structure may change throughout the course of its service life - for example, its function can change, loads can increase or higher building standards become required and the structure must be made compliant. Historical or landmark structures may need to be reinforced in a discrete way without impacting the original design or forms.

To extend the longevity of the structure for many decades to come, structural strengthening is a safe, secure choice. Sika provides fully comprehensive, complete systems for all kinds of structural strengthening. Whether the requirement is to increase the bending, shear or seismic resistance, tested and proven Sika systems are available for use on reinforced concrete, steel, wood and masonry load-bearing structures.

Men applying Sika CarboDur carbon fiber plates for structural strengthening
The Sika CarboDur® System

The Sika CarboDur® System is the most widely recognized and established carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) strengthen-ing solution available worldwide. It consists of Sika CarboDur® CFRP plates and rods, to-gether with the structural epoxy resin based adhesives Sikadur®-30 and Sikadur®-30 LP. This simple, tested and well proven, highly durable system has outstanding perfor-mance. With the Sika CarboHeater curing times can be accelerated and down time minimized, even at lower temperatures.

SikaWrap application during construction of Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, Egypt
The SikaWrap®  System

The SikaWrap® fabric strengthening system con-sists of woven or stitched, unidirectional, carbon and glass fibre fabrics and Sikadur® impregnating resins. This system provides a wide range of solu-tions to meet different demands on many differ-ent types of projects. The installation is extremely flexible and accommodating of different surface planes and geometry, making this a very multi-functional material for many applications including confinement, shear, seismic upgrading and weak substrate strengthening.

Our Products

  • SikaWrap®-300 C
  • SikaWrap®-230 C
  • Sika® CarboDur®
  • Sikadur®-330
  • Sikadur®-30 LP