High performance flexible cementitious adhesive, SikaCeram 205 T

SikaCeram 205 T is a high perfomance flexible cementitious tile adhesive can be used for bonding ceramic tiles in interior and exterior. It's classified C2T.

SikaCeram 205 Medium


  • Can be used for bonding ceramic tiles in a continuous thin layer, up to 5 mm
  • Suitable to bond the following types of high and low absorption tiles
  • Can be used on substrates
  • Can be used on walls and on floors, in exterior or interior situations


  • CE Classified C2T
  • High flexibility, so it is suitable for use on facades
  • Can be used with underfloor heating
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Easy to use with excellent workability and thixotropic consistency


Grey powder


25 kg bag


Sika Ceram-205 T is applied using a notched trowel. Choose the trowel that will give the right coverage to the back of the tile.

As a guide:

  • For mosaics up to 5 x 5 cm, use a 3 mm notched trowel
  • For normal ceramic tiles (less than 200 x 200), use a 6 mm notched trowel
  • For large tiles, use a 9 mm notched trowel.
  • For tiles larger than 300 x 300, or for highest performance requirements (tiles to be polished, heavy loads, poolside application etc.), the back-butteringtechnique for bedding must be used

Apply a uniform layer of Sika Ceram-205 T by trowel in smallareas at the recommended thickness. Then, immediately, adjust the thickness if necessary using a notched trowel. Finally, place the ceramic tile, pressing it firmly onto the adhesive.

SikaCeram 205

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